Date: January 23 and 24, 2016
Location: Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
It’s that time again in the Pacific Northwest—time to support the American Lung Association and compete in our one and only multi-multi­climb event!  Saturday January 23, the Rainier Tower “The Pedestal” (40 floors, 520 vertical feet) will welcome roughly 300 climbers for one of the more competitive races in the region.  Then Sunday the U.S. Bancorp Tower (40 floors, 530 vertical feet) will host another roughly 300 climbers for the same formats. The great thing about these two races is that climbers only have to pay one donation and a discounted entry for both races. 
Both races have 4 options: a 40 floor sprint and 80, 120, or 160 floor multi climb distances. The competition is arguably tougher in Seattle, however climbers who do both races will attest that the “Big Pink” in Portland is the harder of the two buildings. There are always a good dozen or so climbers who make the trek for both climbs. Hopping the Amtrak Cascade is a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful PNW countryside. Highly suggested for anyone wanting to visit for the race.
Both climbs do not separate the men from the women. PJ Glassey, Tristan Roth, Daniel Dill,
and Crossman brothers are just a few of the names you may see at the top, however there are some very strong athletes who climb just one event.
Check out the list of 2015’s winners:
40 Floors­ PJ Glassey X Gym 4:45
80 Floors­ John Andrew X Gym 10:38
120 Floors­ Kevin Crossman X Gym 15:52
160 Floors­ Tristan Roth X Gym 18:45
40 Floors­ Calon Russell 4:29
80 Floors­ John Andrew X Gym 10:57
120 Floors­ Charlene Weaving 22:24
160 Floors­ Tristan Roth 18:52
The ALA runs a great, coordinated, and fun event, one that is capped off by spending time in both amazing cities. Finishing the event in Portland may be even sweeter than Seattle. The food is excellent; while in Portland you have to try the food trucks, too many to count, or grab yourself a Voodoo Donut. Yes you read that right, a doughnut. Especially one topped with bacon. You will be glad you did.
The cup points for these races are concentrated in the shortest and longest climbs (75 point per gender apiece!), the 40 and 160 floor distances.  Be sure to enter these for the maximum TowerRunning USA points! 
Race entry links: