For its 2016 edition, the Big D climb moved to its new home, the Bank of America Plaza. At 70 floors and 1410 steps, this is a great venue. The third tallest building in Texas, and the tallest
building in Dallas, it’s an iconic landmark on the downtown Dallas skyline. The 70th floor is completely open, and with floor to ceiling glass walls, it  provides the best 360 degree views of the Dallas skyline once the climbers have conquered the stairwell.


This year, the Big D should stand for D as in Doctor!  Dr. Thomas Scott, who started first, finished in 1st place, ascending all 70 floors in a blistering 9:14, close to the course record set by Rolf Majcen in 2013 of 8:57. Following closely and filling out the podium were a pair of Ccoloradans, doubtlessly enraptured with the thick Dallas air.  Brady Renshaw, returning after a bit of a stair racing hiatus, finished with a 9:27. Mark Ewell, fresh off a powerful finish in the pacific northwest, scored a 9:31.    


Winning the women’s side, Debra Swersky took top spot on the podium for the women with a time of 12:07. Following close behind was young 18 year old Julian Rojasrueda hot on Debra’s heels with a time of 12:16, and not far behind was Tanja Irandie with a time of 12:30.

In a separate stairwell, hundred of first responders in heavy gear attacked the stairwell. For the men, Joseph Martinez took top spot with a time of 17:24, edging out Tom Lawrence at 17:32, followed by Fernando Acuna at 18:44

The women’s first responders were led by Jamey Garner with a time of 14:12, Adriene Thompson at 16:54 and Tasha Tell at 21:27.  A big thanks to all the first responders who do so much to protect us.  They performed magnificently despite climbing in heavy, hot gear!

This is the biggest race in the Lower Midwest Region, and the new permanent home of the Bank

of America Plaza is a perfect fit.  The turnout was tremendous, with 2100+ climbers in the civilian ranks, and 200 more first responders.  To top it off the weather was perfect; once the sun was up it was like a Spring day in Texas.

The “Big D” is a 200 point race at, and it attracted top towerrunners from California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, and from around the great state of Texas. Honorable mentions go out to Hal Carlson 63, and Ned Greene 71, who prove that age is only a number on your driver's licence, both with a top ten overall finish. To Steve Coyne who seems to do more Texas races than many Texans, for his great opening ceremony on the bagpipes, then climbing in both the civilian and first responder races.

It was a great race, with great competitors, and great day in Texas, and that just meant “everyone” had a great time at the Big D Climb! Come climb us next year, y’all!