The 2016 US race calendar starts off with a bang with Bop To the Top, officially designated ( by me ) as the Best Race You’ve Maybe Never Heard Of(tm). 
Bop To The Top is situated at the 36 floor OneAmerica Tower in the heart of Indianapolis, IN.  With two open stairwells to climb, many climbers can be accommodated without crowding the staircases, so even climbers ascending late in the day won’t have to fight crowds en route to their best times.  
There are two climb options, $25 for a single climb or $40 for a triple climb where your time for three ascents is summed.  Most enthusiastic climbers sign up for both, with the possibility of placing in two events on the same day.  Entering both for $65 still makes it one of the cheapest stair races in the country.  With low entrance fees, free parking, and economical accommodations nearby, this is a cost effective way to race stairs!
You can space your climbs out throughout the day and get more than an hour of rest between ascents.  Besides the possibility of placing in both the single and triple step options, novel first, second, and third prizes are awarded per five-year age groups, so many people of varying speeds can get recognized for their athletic accomplishments!  Winners also receive valuable gift certificates for athletic gear, just the thing for avid stair climbers! 
If you can, please consider participating in the first cup race of the 2016 season, Bop to the Top!