A new year has dawned, so the points winners for the 2015 TowerRunning USA season are official!
On the women’s side, Stephanie Hucko is the winner, scoring 1100 points.  Aside from her second place at the loaded SkyRise race at Willis Tower, Stephanie won every race she participated in, winning the US championship race at Stratosphere, World Trade Center One, Empire State Run Up, Greenville, ALA charlotte, and the Chicago CF climb. What an incredible season!
Veronica Stocker placed second, winning US Bank Los Angeles and the LA CF climb, placing second at Aon LA, third at Willis Tower, third at the Chicago CF climb, and fifth at Empire State Run Up. Great year Veronica! 
Rounding out the women’s podium is Cindy Harris, who won Sears Tower, Hustle up the Hancock, and Bop to the top, three extremely large and competitive races.  She scored second at Aon Chicago and the Chicago CF climb, and third at Empire State. Cindy has amazing seasons year after year!
On the men’s side, Sproule Love is the winner, scoring an incredible 1308 points.  He did this by winning the US championship race at stratosphere, Willis Tower, and Empire State(first american). He was second at Hartford, US bank ( despite breaking the incredible course record ), and one WTC. An amazing year of racing!  
Our Towerrunning USA president, Alex Workman, placed second, winning Hartford, one Boston place, one Penn, Bennington, and Fight for air New York.  He came in second at the US championship/Stratosphere, and was third at Willis Tower and One World trade center, and was fifth at Empire State.  Incredible year, Alex!
Rounding out the men’s podium is Eric Leninger.  Eric won Aon Chicago, Hustle up the Hancock, presidential towers ( setting a new course record ) Oak Book terrace and Bop to the top.  He came in third at US bank behind two athletes breaking the course record. Incredible performances, Eric! 
We salute everyone who participated in stair races in 2015 and hope you continue to compete, build your health, and join us at the upcoming races in 2016! 
The complete final standings for 2015 are here: